Facility Cost Reduction & Strategy


More often than not, small business owners unknowingly put themselves at the mercy of their Landlord. Landlords negotiating with an uninformed tenant understand the leverage in hand - resulting in a process which can be intimidating for tenants.  Working with a professional commercial real estate advisor provides the business owner with:

  • Listed and unlisted market options,
  • Access to comparable market data,
  • The structure and number of completed transactions in the area,
  • A viable negotiation strategy and process, and
  • A competitive environment is created in which to negotiate

An owner attempting to negotiate or renew their lease without an advisor is analagous to going to war without ammunition.  Without the above 5 items at minimum the opportunity for rent savings, rent forgiveness, leasehold allowances and term flexibility and other benefits could be left behind.

SUCCESS ELEMENTS has over 20 years of representing Tenants with their facility requirements. Services offered include:

Advisory Services

  • Renewal Strategy
  • Market Options Analysis
  • Site / Location Analysis
  • Relocation / Consolidation Strategy & Analysis
  • Design & Space  Planning Services
  • Lease Audit
  • Lease Administration 

Market Information *

  • Market Surveys
  • Comparable Transaction(s) Analysis
  • Landlord Vacancy (by location)
  • Landlord Portfolio Status
  • Demographic Analysis by Postal Code

Tenant Representation **

  • Negotiating Strategy and Execution
  • Blend & Extend Strategy & Analysis
  • Letter of Intent (Drafting)
  • Offer to Lease (Documentation)
  • Advice on Lease Terms for Franchisees

If you have facility questions you need answered, CONTACT US.

*/** Provided in cooperation with a Real Estate Brokerage