Investment Real Estate


As a successful small / medium business owner you have likely already considered many products and models for the investment of personal and / or company earnings. We believe as most do, that owners need a strong diversified investment plan guided by a trusted professional to mitigate risks and achieve superior market returns. If Commercial Income Properties are part of your plan… then we can help.

While SUCCESS ELEMENTS is not a Wealth Management Advisor, we do have deep experience in the Commercial Real Estate sector and licensed to provide Advisory Services. When this category of investment is being considered by clients or soon to be clients – we are able to provide market data and counsel as follows:

Advisory Services

  • Market Overview by Category and Class (Office / Industrial / Retail)
  • Market Opportunities by Category and Class
  • Financial Analysis of Property – ‘As Is’ and ‘Stabilized Value’
  • Structure & Tax Optimization
  • Transaction Structure / Strategy / Offer / Negotiation

Our Process

  • Review your investment objectives and preferred risk profile
  • Review your preferred transaction structure  ( equity / debt)
  • Understand your desired level of involvement in property management
  • Review ownership structure options and/or preferences
  • Map out timelines and milestones prior to commencing the search
  • Report regularly on progress until a property has been located
  • Provide property analysis and recommendations
  • Provide transaction support en route to closing the transaction

SUCCESS ELEMENTS will work on your behalf with its commercial real estate network to provide the advice and services you require to make an informed decision in this investment category.

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