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Just How Important Is Planning?


Whether you are a small business or large, business planning is the only proven methodology to create and sustain a successful business. It has been proven time and again by start-ups, mature companies and public entities. Though not infallible, the …

Finding and Filling the Profit Holes

Most companies do not have large, single areas in their businesses where money (potential profits) pours out every month- I call those “large profit holes.”  Big problems are so alarming and have such an obvious impact on a business’s survival

My Company Owns Me

How many business owners out there feel like your entire company rests squarely on your shoulders and you’re back is breaking under the pressure?

If you feel this way, then I know who you are.  You’re the person whose dream …

Systems Through SOPS

Think about this for a minute:  If you have people in your company that are doing the same job but each person is doing it differently, then only one person (at the most) is doing it the best way.  Everyone

WOW Customer Service


Last week I shared some startling statistics on how poor customer service can crush all your entrepreneurial hopes, dreams and good intentions—quickly. It was also pointed out how customer service is a sales and marketing function, not a maintenance department. …

Wearable Tech


Shipments of smart wearable bands – currently a relatively small sector in the technology industry – are set to grow by mammoth proportions this year, according to independent analyst Canalys. Its research shows that 1.6 million smart bands, such as …

Laptop or Tablet or Both with 2 OSs


For those times when running one operating system just won’t cut it, Asus has gone and developed a new convertible laptop and tablet that runs — get this — both Android and Windows. You can simply switch between the two. …



Launching a crowdfunding campaign will probably be some of the craziest days of your life. You’ll either blow it out of the water and drown in all the attention or you’ll struggle to push towards your funding goal. Both scenarios …

Basic Keys to a Successful Plan


You have a powerful idea for the next big thing, but before you sell it to anyone, you have to get it all down on paper.  It’s time to make a business plan. How do you know if you’re headed …