Extended DISC


As business continues to become more complex and faster paced, the recruiting, retaining and motivating of quality personnel has become increasingly critical as well. The ability to understand how personnel will act/ react in their given roles as well as business critical situations is a management tool of considerable value. EXTENDED DISC is just such a business tool.

What It Is?

EXTENDED DISC® is a suite of  scientifically validated online assessment tools that are used by thousands of organizations worldwide.  It provides you with the information to maximize the performance of your employees while eliminating expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources.

EXTENDED DISC® assessments provide you with the information you need in the areas of:

  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Sales and Sales Management Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Team Development
  • Coaching
  • DISC personality styles training
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Communication and Inter-personal Skills Training
  • Talent Management

The EXTENDED DISC model identifies the 4 primary human behavioural styles and how each style interacts best with each other.  Owners and managers knowing their own E-DISC styles and those of their staff ensure future interactions are aligned, resulting in more effective staff management and motivation. The E-DISC staff assessments also identify individual strengths and development areas for future individual progression.


How It Works

The participant process is intuitive and time effective:

  1. Online Access: Respondents complete an online questionnaire that takes about 10 minutes.  The questionnaires are available in over 60 languages.
  2. Tabulation of Results: The results are tabulated and emailed within minutes and are available for distribution and review.
  3. Report Customization: Assessments can be tailored to your liking.  They can be short, general DISC reports or comprehensive assessments for more holistic applications. The choice is yours.
  4. Results Distribution: Results are forwarded by email to SUCCESS ELEMENTS (Program Facilitator) and the respondent, company administrator or combination of recipients.
  5. Review Options: Assessments are reviewed with the participant together with those Certified with EXTENDED DISC whether SUCCESS ELEMENTS or those certified within the company. Reviews can take place at the Individual level as well as the Group level.

Flexible Options

Given that individual staff needs are varied due to role and responsibilities, flexibility has been built into the program to serve that need. Key program flexibility includes:

  • Create Pair, Team, Department, Division and even Organizational Assessments without having to ask employees to complete another questionnaire.
  • Customize the appearance (colors, pictures, logos, etc.)  to your branding preferences.
  • Provide assessments that are specific to roles (i.e. Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Representatives, Team Members, Engineers, etc.).
  • Customize the reports for content, length, and page order to provide the most relevant and user-friendly reports for participants
  • Tailor the assessments to best fit every application, from simple one hour training sessions to comprehensive full day department applications.
  • Have access to the best support materials available

Company Benefits

Owners and Managers benefit on many fronts. And equally important benefits are measurable.

  • Improved company and department communications
  • Increased personal and business effectiveness by all that participate
  • Increased staff motivation and enthusiasm
  • Improved Project Team execution and project ownership
  • Achievable sustainable behavioural change
  • Identifiable areas of development for all that participate
  • Strengthened internal and external relationships

If you have questions or wish to discuss how EXTENDED DISC can work for your company, please call LUCY our Certified EXTENDED DISC Manager at 905-289-5421 or CONTACT US.