Fintel Benchmarking


FINTEL is a leading provider of data services and business intelligence solutions that help companies make better decisions based on the largest and most reliable financial benchmarking database of privately held companies. Decision making processes are supported with timely, relevant, easy to retrieve and readily presentable financial information and benchmarks. FINTEL have a passion for supplying dependable business intelligence and expert advice that make our customers more successful.

The FINTEL Dataset: It covers more than 900,000 mostly privately held companies that do not publicly disclose their financial information from over 2,500 different industry groups as classified by either SIC (Standard Industry Classification) or NAICS (North American Industry Classification System).

Benchmarks: The benchmarks used present the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived from the FINTEL dataset that are critical for understanding and evaluating the state of and the prospects for any business based on its financial situation.

Tools and Reports: These can be used to present industry analysis statistics or to display side-by-side comparisons of an individual company and industry benchmarks of an entire industry or similarly sized firms.


  • FINTEL Industry Metrics Reports Whether you are comparing your company, an investment target or investigating best practices in financial management among your company’s peers, FINTEL Industry Metrics (FIM) reports are for you. They offer unique and powerful insights into the financial portfolios and performance of privately held companies operating across almost all industries. Key features include:
    • Industry financial intelligence covering over 2,500 industry groups and 900,000 privately held businesses
    • Industry size breakdown into small, medium-sized and large segments specific to each industry, rather than using fixed size thresholds
    • 17 commonly used key financial ratios for each industry
  • FINTEL Business Analyzer Pro: FINTEL Business Analyzer Professional is an easy to understand financial benchmarking and analysis tool designed to provide you with a clear and comprehensive analysis of your company’s financial performance in relation to industry peers/competitors. The analysis covers all major aspects of financial management including liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency and growth. Business Analyzer is a modular system designed to give you exactly the tools you need without overburdening you with financial detail that is not relevant to you.Overview: Requires input of twelve accounts from the income statement and twenty accounts from balance sheet (soon with automatic Quick Books import)
    • Calculates and displays fifteen commonly used financial ratios
    • Shows industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis out of a selection of over 2,500 industry segments
    • Graphically depicts the relative position of the company within the industry range of each of the performance indicators
    • Suggests practical recommendations for improving financial performance based on the results of the analysis

The Standard Modules in the FINTEL Business Analyzer Professional are intended to satisfy the fundamental needs of financial analysis. They provide detailed analyses of business performance growth, including:

    • Financial Ratio Industry Benchmarking Analysis
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Liquidity Analysis
    • Sustainable Growth Analysis
    • Statement Spreading
    • Easy to understand insights about the financial performance of your business, including:
      • Revenues, gross margin and operating expenses
      • Earnings power and profitability
      • Ability to grow
      • Fair market value
      • Ability to meet loan payment obligations
    • Comprehensive industry financial benchmarks comparable to your business
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
  • FINTEL Business Scorecard (FBS):  The FINTEL Business Scorecard is designed to provide you with an easy to understand, quick and insightful snapshot of selected factors of your company’s performance in comparison with your industry peers and competitors. Each performance indicator represents an important aspect of financial management including liquidity, profitability, efficiency and growth.To use this Scorecard, you do not need to be an accounting or finance expert. Just enter nine accounts from your financial statements and your performance scorecard will appear instantly.
    • Concise and easy to understand snapshot of financial health of a business
    • Industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis (9 ratios)
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
    • Presents an overall score for company’s financial performance based on all of the performance indicators (even if the individual figures are not displayed in the free version)

All financial data entered is strictly confidential and will not be used by FINTEL LLC nor be shared with any other party. It is also not being used for our benchmarking database. No software or special hardware is required on your end to use this system. A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and SUCCESS ELEMENTS INC is mandatory to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

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