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Project Management


As the saying goes – “…if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  SUCCESS ELEMENTS works with the owner and management to establish Key Milestones and measurement tools to use during the term of the project to …

Tactics / Actions


Once the above is complete Tactics supporting the Strategies are detailed with specific Action Steps to be completed by the Project Team. SUCCESS ELEMENTS provides project templates for owners and management to work with so that the process is seamless. …

Systemization Opportunities


Whether a company is stabilizing or moving to the next level, there is not a better time to take stock of existing systems and processes. Where budgets permit and scale warrants it, engaging an independent Business Analyst to review …

Resource Requirements


With strategic options selected and ranked, 3 resource components (Time, Team & Money) are reviewed for the number #1 ranked project. SUCCESS ELEMENTS working with company owner and management assess the timelines and project elements that need to be completed …

Option Value & Priority


With a clear understanding of the current status of the company (internal) and the marketplace (external) SUCCESS ELEMENTS works with its clients to determine the value and priority of the strategic options available. We then provide assessment tools and techniques …

Strategic Options


Now having established the current status of the company through the Business Diagnostic and SWOT analysis, the areas of need and opportunity have necessarily presented themselves. Establishing the viability of strategic options either to remedy or enhance the areas of …

Business Diagnostic


Understanding the baseline or current status of the company prior to moving forward is critical. Without this information money, time and human resources can be misapplied and wasted. To ensure this does not happen SUCCESS ELEMENTS introduces a Business Diagnostic

Clarity of Vision


Once an owner/founder has confirmed or refined the Vision for the company and has framed the targeted goal, the transition process can begin. This clarity of vision is a watershed moment which brings together the owner’s recognition of the need …