Q: What is Business Coaching?

A: Business Coaching – is a process that acts as a catalyst that facilitates change to achieve your most important personal and business goals. It can also be characterized as a mentoring process that dramatically improves the business and personal effectiveness of an owner, as real success lies in elevating both. Business Coaching enables change with proven assessment tools, business strategy, process and mentorship to owners and their teams to move to the next level, seamlessly. 

Q: What is the difference between Business Coaching and Consulting?

A: Business Coaching is not consulting nor does it have the associated cost. A Business Coach takes its clients down a road of discovery and self-awareness while sharing the elements of success to realize the owner’s original vision. Business Coaching is a process (1 year and more) and deals with all aspects of the business, while consulting is project oriented over shorter timeframes. The result is the transfer of deeper skill sets, processes and knowledge en route to a more balanced work and home life for the owner.

Q: Why hire a Business Coach?

A: There are many reasons to engage a Business Coach. The reasons that owners consistently repeat include:

  • I’m stuck with a lot of issues and can’t move forward to the next level though I know it’s possible
  • I feel owned by my business and I’m doing all the work myself
  • I’m frustrated with staff, customers, suppliers and my bank
  • My marketing and sales are not leading edge and I’m starting to pay for it
  • I lack good systems and processes and can’t seem to improve productivity or efficiency
  • My margins and cash flow are heading south
  • We do not get our share of the business – we’re not as competitive as we once were.

Q: What should I look for in a Business Coach?

A: As simple as it might sound, it starts with feeling comfortable with the coach and knowing you could work closely with him or her. Other credentials to look for include:

  • Professional Certification – through a professional coaching organization
  • Deep Business Experience – ideally 25+ years with strengths in strategic planning, marketing, sales and staffing.
  • Varied Industry Experience – across several industries and industry sectors
  • Entrepreneurial Experience – there is no substitute for having walked in the shoes of the small business owner.

Keeping the above in mind will ensure a productive relationship.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost varies depending on the SUCCESS ELEMENTS program or service chosen. Regardless of the need, a standard or custom program can be provided. The cost will depend on the structure and frequency of the final program selected. Contact us to discuss the details.

Q: When do we meet and what do we do?

A: Meetings are typically once a week. Initially, time is spent on understanding the current status of your business as well as, reviewing your vision for the business and your personal goals. Then working together, we hone in on the areas of greatest need together with identifying the value of improving / correcting the areas of need. Once the focus areas are ranked and prioritized – specific Action Steps (2-3) are mapped out each week for completion in the subsequent week. In parallel with the weekly activity, we systematically develop a strategic blueprint for the future of your business to ensure gains that are made are just the start.

Q: What are the key benefits I can expect to receive?

A: There are no silver bullets or magic elixirs for meaningful and sustainable change. Over the course of 1 year owners can expect a systematic positive, lasting and measurable impact in their business and personal life. It is with a consistent, disciplined process that the desired results will be realized. As owner you will gain clarity, focus, discipline, motivation, skill sets, business tools en route to building a secure business for today and tomorrow. A business you can pass on to family members or sell for your retirement.

Q: Is there Team involvement and benefits?

A: The real fulfillment of repositioning or transforming a company comes from sharing the ownership of the refined vision and plan with your staff. That best happens when staff communications are transparent, regular and engaging. SUCCESS ELEMENTS provides proven assessment tools (Extended DISC) to ensure the owner and staff become more self-aware of themselves and each other. In doing so, all communicate more effectively with less time spent on repairing relationships. With communications raised to a new level – more valuable staff input is received and ownership of the new company vision is enabled for all. Additionally, sales, marketing, customer service, goal setting and leadership workshops can be customized for the client.

Q: What workload increases should I expect?

A: The answer is more a matter of timing. You will initially be spending more time on important tasks that will drive your business forward. As more of the important strategic tasks are completed your workload will decrease across many fronts as the transformation takes hold.

If you have other questions simply contact us or call at 905-599-4676.