Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching has its genesis from the world of athletics where elite athletes have for decades used coaches to elevate their performance to achieve their goals. Similar to the athletic world, owners and executives have increasingly engaged Executive Coaches to improve 2 critical aspects of leadership – personal and business effectiveness. It is an old cliché but accurate – it’s lonely at the top. It is equally true that finding independent, objective, experienced and unbiased advice can be the difference between an average performance and an extraordinary one. It’s about realizing your Vision and effectively managing change.

At SUCCESS ELEMENTS we understand the fine line between taking it over the top and missing a rung on the ladder. Our Executive Coaching program is unique in that it deals with both a) the high value immediate impact issues, and b) the longer term strategic challenges…en route to building a strong business platform with best practices and alignment throughout.

Program participants meet with their Certified Professional Business Coach from Success Elements on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for up to 90 minutes. In addition, the coach works with you to confirm and / or identify strategies, tactics and action plans that make sense for your business and situation. Equally important, all participants are held accountable for the implementation of strategies and actions agreed upon for their respective businesses with the support of their coach.

Business Coaching at the executive level is the catalyst to making vast improvements in an executive’s Personal and Business effectiveness. A snapshot of topics that can be covered include:


Integrated Tools and Templates

Our Executive Program is not about coffee and talk – we use toolsets and processes to help you make meaningful improvements across the areas in focus.

  • Alignment ToolSet – Getting direct reports on the same page
  • Business Diagnostic – A business Balance Sheet – your current status
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Strategic Planning Templates
  • The Profit Barometer – 5 Key Profit Drivers
  • Financial Management & Analysis – FINTEL ScoreCard & Comparables
  • Style Analysis – for better communications, recruiting & team Building (E-DISC)
  • Work-Life Thermometer – a Work / Life balance check-up
  • PathCheck – mid-term business check-up – 5 Key Questions
  • USP Development Module
  • SalesTuner – Sales Plan / Sale Management / Staff Recruiting / Motivating
  • Sales & Marketing Plan Assessments


Over 70% of the business issues, whether opportunities or challenges have little to do with the service or product being provided. Challenges today are about the business fundamentals of improving marketing, sales, systems, cash flow as well as, recruiting, retaining and motivating quality, committed staff and management. And most importantly, it is the improving on the effective use of your time as the leader of your company. Finding fresh solutions to these issues in an Executive Coaching format can help to accelerate your success and profitability. The tangible and intangible benefits you receive from Executive Coaching include:

A confidential environment for:

  • deep discussion of issues confronting your company
  • no risk brainstorming and trouble-shooting
  • defining, ranking and prioritizing your challenges
  • establishing laser focussed strategies and actions
  • critical and constructive feedback
  • access to expertise and creativity
  • an ongoing analysis of business strengths, weaknesses and the path you are on
  • well-informed business decisions

And of course

  • Increasing revenue and profits, and
  • personal well-being as you move forward with a less stressful work / life balance


Then please take a moment and CONTACT US. Within 24 hours Jim FitzGerald, President, SUCCESS ELEMENTS Inc will contact to discuss Executive Coaching further. Thank you for your interest.