Group Coaching


SUCCESS ELEMENTS INC is pleased to offer its Strategic Planning and Business Growth workshops designed for small/ medium size businesses. Each series has been scaled for SMEs in a format that can be completed and implemented for near-term impact. Participants can expect both topics to be demystified and streamlined for their use – including tools and templates usable in their businesses immediately. You will compare notes with other business owners who have encountered similar frustration with the concept and execution of both. Most importantly, you will have a brief time away from your day-to-day operational roles to look at your business from another perspective.

GROUP Coaching
Description 10 Month Program
Sessions: 2.5 Hours Session Once a Month
Mode: In Person
Participants: 10
Included: Complimentary
1 Personal Coaching Session – 1 Hour / Month
A Business Diagnostic & GAP Analysis
1 Extended DISC – Awareness Profile
Optional: FINTEL Quarterly Financial Analysis & Benchmarking




A sample of questions that will be answered along the way…

  • Are our marketing strategies effective?
  • How can we grow faster?
  • How should we manage our fast growth?
  • How can we improve our profit margin?
  • How do we attract and keep talented employees?
  • How can we maximize the quality of our customer service?
  • Have we built a strong company culture?
  • Why are there so few hours in the day?
  • How can we improve our efficiency?
  • What could we accomplish if we created a better plan?
  • How do I create a business succession plan?
  • How can I create better balance between my work and home life?