Success Boards


Our Success Board is a business service offered by Success Elements to business owners and executives in a peer group environment. The service is specifically designed for small to medium sized business to act as an advisory board for each Success Board member. Each month members meet to share their expertise and experience across a wide range of business topics. Each member is from a non-competing business and while sharing similar challenges and successes brings with them a different perspective and approach. It is this ‘same’ but ‘different’ factor that creates a dynamic advisory / mentoring environment where all members benefit in ways not available in any other process. It becomes your advisory board, confidential and virtually risk-free.

Monthly meetings are facilitated by a trained Certified Professional Business Coach with Success Elements. In addition, the facilitator works with you and fellow board members to confirm and / or identify strategies, tactics and action plans that make sense for your business and situation. Equally important, all members are held accountable by fellow board members for the implementation of strategies agreed upon for their respective businesses. Because each business has unique needs your Success Board coach will support each member to provide whatever services are required over and above the services offered within this program.

Board Members

To become a SUCCESS BOARD member, members must be the Owner, Key Executive or Decision Maker of their company. Members cannot be competitors of other members or have a supplier relationship with another member. This ensures open, unbiased communications and advice from fellow members. Membership is by invitation only due to the nature of the non-competing member requirement. Each existing member must agree to your membership as you become part of their mentoring group and you theirs.

Program Structure

Board Meetings
  • Meetings: One (1) per Month
  • Timing: Early (7:00-9:00 AM) or Evening ( 6:00-8:00 PM)
  • Location: Local & Convenient
  • Cost: Affordable with monthly payments
Member Executive Coaching

As part of the overall program each Success Board member receives:

  • A Complimentary Executive Coaching session for 1 hour per month. Members gain further assistance on strategy, action execution and executive development to achieve their respective business and personal goals.
  • A Virtual Boardroom – for Board Member discussions only
Board Topics You Will Cover
  • Business Alignment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Operations & IT
  • Administration & Cash Flow
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development

Integrated Tools and Templates

  • Alignment ToolSet – Getting Everyone on the same page
  • Business Diagnostic – A Business Balance Sheet
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Strategic Planning Templates
  • The Profit Barometer – 5 Key Profit Drivers
  • Financial Management & Analysis – FINTEL ScoreCard & Comparables
  • Style Analysis – for better communications, recruiting & team Building (E-DISC)
  • Work-Life Thermometer – a Work / Life balance check-up
  • PathCheck – mid-term check-up – 5 Key Questions
  • USP Development Module
  • SalesTuner – Sales Plan / Sale Management / Staff Recruiting / Motivating
  • Sales & Marketing Assessments


Over 70% of the business issues, whether opportunities or challenges, have little to do with the service or product you are providing. Challenges today are about the business fundamentals of improving marketing, sales, systems, cash flow as well as, recruiting, retaining and motivating quality, committed staff and management. And most importantly, it is the improving on the effective use of your time as the leader of your company. Finding fresh solutions to these issues in a peer advisory group can help to accelerate your success and profitability. The tangible and intangible benefits you receive from Success Boards include:

A confidential environment for:

  • well-informed business decisions
  • no risk brainstorming and trouble-shooting
  • establishing laser focussed strategies and actions
  • critical and constructive feedback
  • spirited discussions
  • access to expertise and creativity
  • discussion of fundamental policies and procedures
  • an ongoing analysis of business strengths, weaknesses and the path you are on
  • avoiding mistakes by learning how others solved similar problems

And of course

  • Increasing revenue and profits and personal well-being that you have moved forward

How to Join

Go to our CONTACT US page, select SUCCESS BOARDS from the Drop-Down topic list and send to us. Jim FitzGerald, President, SUCCESS ELEMENTS Inc will contact you within 24 hours to discuss SUCCESS BOARDS further. Thank you for your interest.