The Challenge


Starting and operating a small / medium size business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a clear vision, a supporting plan and good portions of courage, passion, persistence, patience and sacrifice. Add to these realities the critical need for a high degree of personal and business effectiveness…and you have a full plate by anyone’s measure. Owners live it daily.

Those who have not done it can’t be expected to understand it. And why should they – they haven’t experienced the exhilaration of being an owner, nor faced the challenges, frustration and sometimes the heartbreak of walking in an owner’s shoes. As a result more often than not, owners seldom have the benefit of independent, experienced, objective and unbiased advice to lean on. While family, friends and spouses provide needed support, an outside, independent and experienced counsel is often the missing element.

At SUCCESS ELEMENTS we understand this challenge. Whether it is revenues, profits, cash flow to unsettling staffing issues of hiring, firing and retaining. It comes from having been there ourselves and having stubbed our business toes in the process. We get it.

Unlocking profits, building value and breaking through to the next level is a process. It’s not revolutionary but it is a pragmatic process that starts with wanting to change…and then having the courage to act on it. But three mindset factors must be present together before change can occur:


…and then Unlocking Profits & Building Value is only a matter of Managing the Process.