When is it Time to Call?


It is not a question of when to call a Business Coach. It is that point in time that without change in approach the issue, frustration and related distraction has become all consumingand getting expensive. You are stuck and there is a need for an independent, unbiased assessment…to get unstuck and to move forward. There are clear sign posts that are actually opportunities to make massive improvements.

  • Original company vision feels out of reach
  • Balancing family and work life is an issue
  • Making less and working more
  • Unsatisfactory revenueprofit and/or cash flow
  • Disappointing conversion rates for prospects to clients
  • Marketing plans need more focus and improved results
  • Sales process, production, management and reporting need attention
  • Increasing competition is diluting our uniqueness
  • Price focussed customers
  • Systems and processes are costly and inefficient
  • Margins are volatile or compressed
  • Banking and/or financing structure is pulling us down
  • Customer Service after-sale issues are expensive
  • Staff turnover is too high
  • Recruiting is expensive and difficult
  • Training programs need to be reviewed and upgraded
  • Need a Business Plan to get back on track
  • Need a Blueprint for future succession and/or exit
  • An experienced mentor to talk strategy would be an asset

If it is time to call, CONTACT US.