Where’s the Value?


Why Business Coaching is a valuable solution for small / medium size businesses is not always clear. Whether it is a short fix or a long term growth strategy, an experienced business coach / mentor brings measurable added value, as a success catalyst to any business on multiple fronts.

  1. A Strategic Perspective: Owner days are filled with running the business and less on planning the business – a business coach brings an unbiased strategic perspective. They can fine tune and clarify the business vision and provide strategic planning process to create and/ or finish a company’s ‘Plan for the Future’, the company Blueprint.
  2. A Customer Perspective: Business Coaches bring the owner an unfiltered, independent view from a customer’s viewpoint – to ensure unmet customer needs are clearly defined and met. In doing so, they understand the business integration issues through the eyes of the owner to arrive at the best possible decisions.
  3. A Knowledge Source: An experienced Business Coach is a great source for best practices and business knowledge that Owners are in many cases too busy to keep pace with or apply.
  4. Systems / Process: Systemizing a business is more critical today that at any time in the recent past. Whether strategic planning, marketing, sales, CRM design, project management, internal process efficiency, talent assessment and development, leadership – a business coach can provide, connect and/or recommend resources to make it happen.
  5. A Sound Expert Opinion: While family, friends and spouses provide needed support, an independent, unbiased and experienced counsel / mentor is often the missing element. A Business Coach fulfils this need across multiple business functions.
  6. Team Building & Talent Assessment: The cost of recruiting, assessing, developing and retaining top talent does not have to be a dice roll…or unmanageable expense. Certified Professional Business Coaches have tools and know how to bring efficiency to your team building.
  7. Accountability:  Great athletes and executives alike know the value of a coach. The business coach, like a sports coach, is a catalyst for improved performance and results, providing motivation, insight, best practices, process tools, and where required the cajoling to step up the effort. However once the coaching process delivers the strategy, actions, timelines and targets results, the Owner must implement and is held accountable. Like in sports the business coach is not on the field of play but provides support, feedback and analysis while looking for more opportunities to compete and improve performance. Most importantly, it works.
  8. Reignite Passion: Business ownership can be lonely, reigniting owner passion can be the single most important step in rejuvenating a business, its management and staff. Having an independent business coach, a mentor, a friend to assist in re-clarifying the vision, mission and values en route to fresh strategies while facilitating a Plan for the Future is often the impetus to move a company from successful to extraordinary.